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Lab Director

Dominic K.C. Ho
James C. Dowell Professor
IEEE Fellow
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Yue Wang
PhD Student


Bo-Yu Su
PhD Student

Yang Zhang
PhD Student


Sanaa Shaker Abed Al-Samahi
PhD Student

Musaab Mohammed Ahmed
PhD Student


Xinyang Ma
MS Student

Brendan Alvey
MS Student


Swapnil Joshi
MS Student

Shekhar Shinde
MS Student


Visiting Scholars

Lawrence Un
PhD Student Scholar
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Liu Yang
MS Student Scholar
Jiangnan University, Wuxi, China


Allan Tart
PhD Student Scholar
Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn, Estonia

Zhang Xin Chen
Associate Professor
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu, China


Bin Jiang
Associate Professor
Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, China

Jihao Yin
Associate Professor
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu, China


JinZhou Li
PhD Student Scholar
National University of Defense
Technology, China

Hongan Qiu
Associate Professor
Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xi'an, China


Fucheng Guo
Associate Professor
National University of Defense
Technology, China

Jung Sik Jeong
Assistant Professor
Mokpo National Maritime University, South Korea


S. C. Chan
Hong Kong University

Y. T. Chan
Professor Emeritus
Royal Military College, Canada


P. C. Ching
Professor and Vice Chancellor
Chinese University of
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Hichem Frigui
University of Louisville


Paul Gader
University of Florida

Daniel Lun
Associate Professor
Hong Kong Polytechnic University


H. C. So
Associate Professor
City University of Hong

Joe N. Wilson
Assistant Professor
University of Florida


Mohannad Hamed Al-Ali
PhD Graduate (May 2017)
Dissertation: Transmit Precoding and Bayesian Detection for Cognitive Radio Networks with Limited Channel State Information
Employment: Senior Research Specialist


Liyang Rui
PhD Graduate (Dec. 2015)
Dissertation: Object positioning techniques: performance analysis and efficient solutions
Employment: DSP Engineer, Nurotron Biotech Inc., CA

Shanjie Chen
PhD Graduate (Dec. 2015)
Dissertation: Efficient localization methods for a point source and rigid body


Zhenhua Ma
PhD Graduate (Dec. 2013)
Dissertation: Asymptotically efficient estimators for geometric shape fitting and source localization
Employment: Senior System Intregration Engineer, ASML, CT

Yun Li
PhD Graduate (May 2013)
Dissertation: An acoustic fall detection system using beamforming, source separation and Kinect
Employment: DSP Research Engineer, Qualcomm, USA


Ming Sun
PhD Graduate (May 2011)
Dissertation: Efficient estimators in closed-Form for source localization and sensor network self-localization
Employment: Engineering Staff, Qualcomm, CA

Le Yang
PhD Graduate (Dec. 2010)
Dissertation: On the use of multiple emitters to improve the TDOA source localization accuracy in the presence of random sensor position errors
Employment: Associate Professor, Jiangnan Univ., Jiangsu, China


Luis M. Vicente
PhD Graduate (May 2009)
Dissertation: Adaptive array signal processing using the concentric ring array and the spherical array
Employment: Associate Professor, Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico

Xiaoning Lu
PhD Graduate (Dec. 2008)
Dissertation: Moving source localization in the presence
of receiver location uncertainty
Employment: Qualcomm, San Diego, CA


Yunhong Li
PhD Graduate (Dec. 2005)
Dissertation: Broadband beamforming and direction
finding using concentric ring
Employment: Texas Instruments, San Jose, CA

La-Or Kovavisaruch
PhD Graduate (May 2005)
Dissertation: Source localization using TDOA with erroneous receiver positions
Employment: Telecommunication of National Electronics and Computer technology Center , Thailand


Shannon D. Blunt
PhD Graduate (Oct. 2002)
MS Graduate (May 2000)
PhD Dissertation: Novel
adaptive signal processing techniques for wireless communications: echo
cancellation and multiuser
MS Dissertation: An adaptive algorithm for sparse system identification in the Haar
transform domain
Employment: Professor, University of Kansas

Liang Hong
PhD Graduate (Dec. 2002)
Dissertation: Advanced techniques for automatic classification of digitally modulated communication signals
Employment: Professor, Tennessee State University


Arpitha Honnabasavaiah
MS Graduate (Dec 2017)
Dissertation: Detection and Estimation of Gamma Waves in Human Brian

Musaab Mohammed Ahmed
MS Graduate (Dec 2016)
Dissertation: Moving source localization using Doppler frequency shift measurements in sensor network
Employment: Graduate Research Assistant, ECE, Univ. of Missouri


Sasa Li
MS Graduate (May 2015)
Dissertation: An efficient and computationally attractive localization algorithm under large equal radius scenario

Darren Shaw
MS Graduate (May 2015)
Dissertation: Subsurface explosive hazard detection using MIMO forward-looking ground penetrating radar
Employment: AT&T, St Louis, MO


Yue Zhang
MS Graduate (May 2015)
Dissertation: Classification of mixed data points for coupled circles estimation

Yanlin Wang
MS Graduate (Dec. 2014)
Dissertation: Effective source separation algorithm using NMF and sparse NMF for acoustic fall detection


Daniel Nabelek
MS Graduate (May 2014)
Dissertation: Signal processing and fusion study for subsurface object detection using ground penetrating radar
Employment: Burns & McDonnell, Kansas City, MO

Wenjia Shi
MS Graduate (Dec. 2013)
Dissertation: An efficient closed-form solution for wideband source direction-of-arrival estimation


Yue Wang
MS Graduate (May 2011)
Dissertation: Source localization in the presence of sensor manifold uncertainties and synchronization error
Employment: PhD student (GRA), ECE, University of Missouri

Zhenhua Ma
MS Graduate (Dec. 2007)
Dissertation: Novel algorithms
for landmine detection
Employment: PhD student (GRA), ECE, University of Missouri


Raina Cepel
MS Graduate (Dec. 2007)
Dissertation: Statistical modeling and non-intrusive detection of flaw in ultrasound measurements
Employment: PhD student, Physics, University of Missouri

Swetha Oddiraju
MS Graduate (Dec. 2007)
Dissertation: Improving performance for adaptive filtering
Employment: Siteman Cancer Hospital, Washington University


Udaynag Pisipati
MS Graduate (May 2006)
Dissertation: Signal processing methods for landmine detection
Employment: CeteCom, San Francisco, CA

Sudheer Kulakcherla
MS Graduate (Dec. 2004)
Dissertation: Nonlinear adaptive filtering for wireless communications
Employment: Qualcomm


Sandeep Panthula
MS Graduate (Dec. 2004)
Dissertation: Filter design for multiuser detection and narrowband interference cancellation
Employment: Powerwave Technologies, TX

Raman Mata
MS Graduate (Deec. 2004)
Dissertation: Template matching techniques for hand-held
landmine detection
Employment: Accenture, Chicago, IL


Kunal Raval
MS Graduate (Dec. 2004)
Dissertation: Linear prediction techniques for land mine detection
Employment: Qualcomm

James Devaney
MS Graduate (Dec. 2003)
Dissertation: Signal processing techniques for hand-held
landmine detector
Employment: Student, Law School, University of Missouri


Vandana Mehta
MS Graduate (May 2003)
Dissertation: Wiener filtering for multiuser detection
Employment: Convergys Cooperation, FL

Hemish Parkh
MS Graduate (Dec. 2002)
Dissertation: Wireless localization for a moving source using TDOA and FDOA measurements
Employment: Qualcomm


Haiguang Xu
M. S. Graduate (Aug. 2002)
Dissertation: GSM interference detection and cancellation in
CDMA wireless cellular system

Mark Rages
MS Graduate (Dec. 2002)
Dissertation: The effect of speech coding on network signal processing for speech enhancement
Employment: Midwest Telecine


Wenwei Xu
MS Graduate (May 2001)
Dissertation: An efficient algorithm for passive location systems using TDOA and FDOA Measurements
Employment: Wells Fargo Corporate Technology and Data

Songwoot Tutsanasuwan
MS Graduate (Dec. 1999)
Dissertation: Interference
detection for wireless communications


Tong Wang
MS Graduate (Aug. 1999)
Dissertation: Speech enhancement on encoded speech data
Employment: Motorola

Haiqin Liu
MS Graduate (Dec. 1998)
Dissertation: Identification of bandlimited PSK and FSK signals using the wavelet transform
Employment: Hughes Network Systems, CA