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Dominic K.C. Ho
IEEE Fellow
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Researchers / Students

Siqi Wu
PhD Student

Xiaochuan Ke
PhD Student


Mitch Dickey
Undergrad Research Student

Chung-Jui Chen
MS Student



Jianhe Yuan
PhD Graduate (Dec. 2022)
Dissertation: Reliable and Structural Deep Neural Networks
Employment: NVIDIA, CA

Musaab Mohammed Ahmed
PhD Graduate (Dec. 2021)
Dissertation: Moving Object Localization Using Frequency Measurements
Employment: Faculty, University of Ninawa, Iraq


Yang Zhang
PhD Graduate (May 2021)
Dissertation: Efficient Closed-Form Estimators in Multistatic Target Localization and Motion Analysis
Employment: Oculii, OH

Kien Le Trung (PhD)
Postdoc (Aug 2017 - Dec 2020)
Employment: Baidu, WA


Sanaa Shaker Abed Al-Samahi
PhD Graduate (May 2019)
Dissertation: Localization in Challenging Environment Using Geometric and Machine Learning Techniques
Employment: Faculty, University of Baghdad, Iraq

Yue Wang
PhD Graduate (Dec 2017)
Dissertation: Computationally Efficient and Accurate Positioning Estimators Using TDOA and/or AOA Measurements
Employment: Research Fellow, Shenzhen University


Bo-Yu Su
PhD Graduate (Dec 2017)
Dissertation: Data Processing Techniques of Hydraulic Bed Sensor and Doppler Radar for Elder Care

Mohannad Hamed Al-Ali
PhD Graduate (May 2017)
Dissertation: Transmit Precoding and Bayesian Detection for Cognitive Radio Networks with Limited Channel State Information
Employment: Faculty, University of Basrah, Iraq


Liyang Rui
PhD Graduate (Dec. 2015)
Dissertation: Object Positioning Techniques: Performance Analysis and Efficient Solutions
Employment: Google, CA

Shanjie Chen
PhD Graduate (Dec. 2015)
Dissertation: Efficient Localization Methods for a Point Source and Rigid Body
Employment: Huawei, China


Zhenhua Ma
PhD Graduate (Dec. 2013)
Dissertation: Asymptotically Efficient Estimators for Geometric Shape Fitting and Source Localization
Employment: ASML, CT

Yun Li
PhD Graduate (May 2013)
Dissertation: An Acoustic Fall Detection System Using Beamforming, Source Separation and Kinect
Employment: Qualcomm, USA


Ming Sun
PhD Graduate (May 2011)
Dissertation: Efficient Estimators in Closed-Form for Source Localization and Sensor Network Self-Localization
Employment: Qualcomm, CA

Le Yang
PhD Graduate (Dec. 2010)
Dissertation: On the Use of Multiple Emitters to Improve the TDOA Source Localization Accuracy in the Presence of Random Sensor Position Errors
Employment: Lecturer, University of Canterbury, New Zealand


Luis M. Vicente
PhD Graduate (May 2009)
Dissertation: Adaptive Array Signal Processing Using the Concentric Ring Array and the Spherical Array
Employment: Associate Professor, Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico

Xiaoning Lu
PhD Graduate (Dec. 2008)
Dissertation: Moving Source Localization in the Presence
of Receiver Location Uncertainty
Employment: Qualcomm, San Diego, CA


Yunhong Li
PhD Graduate (Dec. 2005)
Dissertation: Broadband Beamforming and Direction
Finding Using Concentric Ring
Employment: Silergy, CA

La-Or Kovavisaruch
PhD Graduate (May 2005)
Dissertation: Source Localization Using TDOA With Erroneous Receiver Positions
Employment: Telecommunication of National Electronics and Computer technology Center, Thailand


Shannon D. Blunt
PhD Graduate (Oct. 2002)
MS Graduate (May 2000)
PhD Dissertation: Novel
Adaptive Signal Processing Techniques for Wireless Communications: Echo
Cancellation and Multiuser
MS Dissertation: An Adaptive Algorithm for Sparse System Identification in the Haar Transform Domain
Employment: Professor, University of Kansas

Liang Hong
PhD Graduate (Dec. 2002)
Dissertation: Advanced Techniques for Automatic Classification of Digitally Modulated Communication Signals
Employment: Professor, Tennessee State University


Jackson E. Moeller
MS Graduate (May 2023)
Dissertation: Wire Detection By Ground Penetrating Radar Using Image Processing Techniques
Employment: Garmin, KS


Swapnil Joshi
MS Graduate (May 2018)
Dissertation: Classification of Brainwaves Using Deep Learning Models

Shekhar Shinde
MS Graduate (May 2018)
Dissertation: Comparative Study of Brian Waves Classification Using Fast Fourier Transform and Feed Forward Neural Network


Xinyang Ma
MS Graduate (May 2018)
Dissertation: Detection and Classification of Brainwaves Using Digital Signal Processing Techniques

Brendan Alvey
MS Graduate (Dec 2017)
Dissertation: Machine Learning and Processing Techniques for GPR, EMI and Harmonic Signals
Employment: Research Specialist


Arpitha Honnabasavaiah
MS Graduate (Aug 2017)
Dissertation: Detection and Estimation of Gamma Waves in Human Brain
Employment: MathWorks

Musaab Mohammed Ahmed
MS Graduate (Dec 2016)
Dissertation: Moving Source Localization Using Doppler Frequency Shift Measurements in Sensor Network
Employment: Graduate Research Assistant, ECE, Univ. of Missouri


Sasa Li
MS Graduate (May 2015)
Dissertation: An Efficient and Computationally Attractive Localization Algorithm Under Large Equal Radius Scenario

Darren Shaw
MS Graduate (May 2015)
Dissertation: Subsurface Explosive Hazard Detection Using MIMO Forward-Looking Ground Penetrating Radar
Employment: AT&T, St Louis, MO


Yue Zhang
MS Graduate (May 2015)
Dissertation: Classification of Mixed Data Points for Coupled Circles Estimation

Yanlin Wang
MS Graduate (Dec. 2014)
Dissertation: Effective Source Separation Algorithm Using NMF and Sparse NMF for Acoustic Fall Detection


Daniel Nabelek
MS Graduate (May 2014)
Dissertation: Signal Processing and Fusion Study for Subsurface Object Detection Using Ground Penetrating Radar
Employment: Burns & McDonnell, Kansas City, MO

Wenjia Shi
MS Graduate (Dec. 2013)
Dissertation: An Efficient Closed-form Solution for Wideband Source Direction-Of-Arrival Estimation


Yue Wang
MS Graduate (May 2011)
Dissertation: Source Localization in the Presence of Sensor Manifold Uncertainties and Synchronization Error
Employment: PhD student (GRA), ECE, University of Missouri

Zhenhua Ma
MS Graduate (Dec. 2007)
Dissertation: Novel Algorithms for Landmine Detection
Employment: PhD student (GRA), ECE, University of Missouri


Raina Cepel
MS Graduate (Dec. 2007)
Dissertation: Statistical Modeling and Non-Intrusive Detection of Flaw in Ultrasound Measurements
Employment: PhD student, Physics, University of Missouri

Swetha Oddiraju
MS Graduate (Dec. 2007)
Dissertation: Improving Performance for Adaptive Filtering
Employment: Siteman Cancer Hospital, Washington University


Udaynag Pisipati
MS Graduate (May 2006)
Dissertation: Signal Processing Methods for Landmine Detection
Employment: CeteCom, San Francisco, CA

Sudheer Kulakcherla
MS Graduate (Dec. 2004)
Dissertation: Nonlinear Adaptive Filtering for Wireless Communications
Employment: Qualcomm


Sandeep Panthula
MS Graduate (Dec. 2004)
Dissertation: Filter Design for Multiuser Detection and Narrowband Interference Cancellation
Employment: Powerwave Technologies, TX

Raman Mata
MS Graduate (Dec. 2004)
Dissertation: Template Matching Techniques for Hand-Held Landmine Detection
Employment: Accenture, Chicago, IL


Kunal Raval
MS Graduate (Dec. 2004)
Dissertation: Linear Prediction Techniques for Landmine Detection
Employment: Qualcomm

James B. Devaney
MS Graduate (Dec. 2003)
Dissertation: Signal Processing Techniques for Hand-Held Landmine Detector
Employment: Shook, Hardy & Bacon L.L.P., KS, (816) 559-2677


Vandana Mehta
MS Graduate (May 2003)
Dissertation: Wiener Filtering for Multiuser Detection
Employment: Convergys Cooperation, FL

Hemish Parkh
MS Graduate (Dec. 2002)
Dissertation: Wireless Localization for a Moving Source Using TDOA and FDOA Measurements
Employment: Qualcomm


Haiguang Xu
M. S. Graduate (Aug. 2002)
Dissertation: GSM Interference Detection and Cancellation in CDMA Wireless Cellular System

Mark Rages
MS Graduate (Dec. 2002)
Dissertation: The Effect of Speech Coding on Network Signal Processing for Speech Enhancement
Employment: SRAM, LLC


Wenwei Xu
MS Graduate (May 2001)
Dissertation: An Efficient Algorithm for Passive Location Systems Using TDOA and FDOA Measurements
Employment: Wells Fargo Corporate Technology and Data

Songwoot Tutsanasuwan
MS Graduate (Dec. 1999)
Dissertation: Interference Detection for Wireless Communications


Tong Wang
MS Graduate (Aug. 1999)
Dissertation: Speech Enhancement on Encoded Speech Data
Employment: Motorola

Haiqin Liu
MS Graduate (Dec. 1998)
Dissertation: Identification of Bandlimited PSK and FSK Signals Using the Wavelet Transform
Employment: Hughes Network Systems, CA